Woodbot Pilots
Woodbots Pilots

Relax. Take a deep breath. Spread your wings and fly like a bird. How quickly you can reach the goal?

You stand in the reception hall in Skellefteå Airport, in front of an 82 inch touch screen with an ultra-modern 3D camera that lets you control characters called Wood Bots.

A breathtaking game experience in which your body's movements are used to navigate the gaming environment, but its more than a pastime for those who are waiting for departure or arrival. Much more.

The installation of Skellefteå Airport is the result of a research project that ties together a number of industries and businesses in the Skellefteå innovation-driven region.

We welcome you to the inauguration of Woodbot Pilots, an experience born out of pure northern creativity!

The inauguration will take place at Skellefteå, Monday December 13 at 11:00 in Collaboration with North Kingdom, Skellefteå Kraft and Adopticum



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