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Welcome to Interactive Institute

Interactive Institute Swedish ICT is an experimental IT & design research institute that conducts world-class applied research and innovation. We create groundbreaking user experiences and offer expertise in interaction design, visualization, user behavior, sound design, games and entertainment. Through creative and collaborative processes we empower our partners to create new ways of doing and thinking.

We develop new research areas, concepts, products and services, and provide strategic advice to corporations and public organizations. Our results are communicated and exhibited worldwide and brought out to society through commissioned work, license agreements and spin-off companies.

Part of Swedish ICT

Swedish ICT is a group of world-class research institutes in the field of ICT (information and communication technologies), with expertise that ranges from hardware, software and service development to interaction design and innovation processes. The group includes Acreo Swedish ICT, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, SICS Swedish ICT and Viktoria Swedish ICT.

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