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SURE! Nordic Built for Sustainable Retrofitting

Optimization of energy usage and strengthening of sustainable lifestyles – that is the focus of a new Nordic project, which started in March 2014. Involving partners from Denmark, Sweden and Finland, the project will develop an effective and low-cost solution for saving energy while simultaneously identifying sources of energy leaks in multi-storey buildings that need retrofitting. The project combines three components into one platform:

  1. technologies for optimising heating and indoor comfort in existing buildings,
  2. an interactive system that communicates with the tenants in order to increase energy awareness and engagement in social responsability,
  3. an open ICT infrastructure.

Today buildings account for 40% of the total primary energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. This in itself is cause for concern, but since new construction in Europe only represents about 1% of the building stock, most buildings present today will still be standing in 2050. Furthermore, current retrofitting processes mostly focus on structural changes of the buildings and are both costly, inefficient and rarely take into account the potential of involving residents to achieve more energy-efficient habits. Consequently, the status quo represents a Gordian knot, preventing pivotal retrofitting.

A new inter-Nordic project called ‘SURE! - Nordic Built for Sustainable Retrofitting’ addresses these issues by focusing on optimizing energy usage and strengthening sustainable lifestyles for residents in multi-storey buildings that need retrofitting – effectively and at a low cost. RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) is project manager for the Swedish part and will be in charge for the development of the interactive visualization solution and the research and evaluation within the project.

Facts about SURE! - Nordic Built for Sustainable Retrofitting

  • The project period is March 1st 2014 – March 1st 2017
  • A Nordic Built project funded by EUDP (Denmark), Energimyndigheten  and Formas (SWE) and Tekes (FIN)
  • An inter-Nordic collaboration with partners from Sweden, Finland and Denmark.
  • Project partners : RISE Interactive (SWE), Ecofective (SWE), IC-Meter (DK), BaseN (FIN), RISE Acreo (SWE), VIA University (DK), Insero Energy (DK) and Insero Business Services (DK)

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