ProjectReclaim Your Data

Key Areas
Reclaim Your Data

Reclaim Your Data is an umbrella project based upon the large amount of digital footprints that individuals generate in everyday life. When we use credit cards, loyalty cards, call with our mobile phones or use digital services, a massive amount of digital footprints is generated, which gives companies a great knowledge about their customers for optimizing organization, sales and marketing.While we increasingly are documented in private and public databases, we still don't have access to the data we generate.

Reclaim Your Data aims to gather, analyze and visualize these digital footprints, so that individuals may see and reflect upon their own behavior. Another aim is to democratize information in hidden databases, for example about products and services, that may be of use for support in decision making. It is a project in progress, where concepts and prototypes have been developed through projects, workshops, collaboration with artists and thesis works.

The aim is to develop a repertoire of  design concepts and prototypes that may form the basis for a future integrated service to support a more reflective mode of consumption with perspectives on environment, personal health and economy.