ProjectPreparing the Ground for Change

Preparing the Ground for Change

Transformative Practices in supporting the creation of a Centre of Advanced Material Research and Technology Transfer 

Within the project CAMART2, led by Acreo, RISE Interactive is curating a transformative process for ISSP (Institute for Solid State Physics in Riga), to achieve the goals set by the project. Among these:

  • Boost the technological transfer ability of ISSP;
  • Facilitating the reframing of the research focus;
  • Curate the reorganisation process:
    • Mapping the internal competences;
    • curating the set-up of an internal communication flow to increase participation and diminish potential frictions;
    • and supporting the organisational culture’s transformation;
  • Co-define how ISSP can capitalise on the experience of RISE and KTH.
  • Co-define the strategy of ISSP (among which internationalisation strategy, rejuvenation strategy)

RISE will support the framing phase of this work.

Its implementation will be then done by ISSP, once the strategy has been elaborated in a participated way. Such implementation will most probably require the involvement of new partners.

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