ProjectPlastform - digital platform for exchange of waste material

Plastform - digital platform for exchange of waste material

The purpose of this project is to investigate how a digital platform could facilitate the development of a sustainable and resource-efficient manufacturing industry in Sweden. The long-term goal is a functioning digital platform where manufacturing companies can sell and or purchase materials that would otherwise become waste. The goal of the prestudy is to work with companies in the plastics industry to develop concept ideas for how an digital platform could facilitate them to effectively dispose for and get access to waste materials that can be used in production. This would benefit all actors in the production chain. Project partners are companies represented throughout this production chain such as Mälarplast, Tarkett, Cefur/Swedish Waterjet Lab, SPIF and Oogskaart. Besides developing service design concept for a digital platform for plastics based on the needs of our project partners as well as the evaluation of existing platforms, we will identify the business ecosystem and possible business models for the partners. We hope to further develop the platform into a concept that will work cross sectors and cross materials in a continuation