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Period Booster (Menstoppa)

The project Period Booster (Menstoppa in Swedish) has its origin in the need to better understand how the menstrual cycle effect women and what it has an effect on, in order to have agency of it. Menstruation has traditionally been shamed resulting in a muted discussion around it. Yet, many women, and even more men, lack enough knowledge for basic understanding. Talking about it and increase the knowledge about it will help to get agency and thereby use it as something positive rather than just let it happen. Period boosting!

Period Boosting is about collecting relevant data from the menstruator, finding patterns over time and together with anecdotes and the latest science - in an AI (Artificial Intelligence) scrum - return suggestions on how to optimize everyday life: workout, food, work and relationships. 

The biggest challenge in this project is how to design for interaction; how do we collect the data from the menstruator and how do we return information to them?

Period Booster is an initiative within the competence area Internet of Sports and Well-being and is part of Chalmers Ventures Startup Camp 2017.


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The photo is symbolizing the vision of the project. It is not an actual product for sale.