ProjectNew Homes - New Habits

New Homes - New Habits

Residential and commercial buildings account for nearly 35 % of the total energy use in Sweden. In order to reach our climate targets we all need to contribute to energy efficiency. Our lifestyle and our habits affect more than we think, and there is a great need for knowledge among residents about how they can become more energy efficient in their homes.

Previous research has shown that visualization of electricity use can increases awareness, which in turn can lead to changed habits and energy savings up to 20%. Research has also shown when we move from one place to another, we are more receptive to changing our habits than otherwise. Therefore, this project will focus on creating an educational concept directed to new residents in rental properties. By inspiring and informing people when they are the most open to change, such as when they have recently moved, chances are high that new sustainable habits can be created.

The project is partially funded by the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten), and carried out as a collaborative effort between the Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, Bostads AB Mimer, Eskilstuna Kommunfastigheter AB, SABO, as well as the Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen)  of Södermanland and Västmanland. The education material to be developed will build on and continue on an already established campaign by SABO - Allmännyttans energisparkampanj.