Competence Areas at RISE ICT

Understanding and using modern technology in an efficient manner is critical in the competitive market in which the process industry operates. INCODE therefore focuses on the introduction of various modern techniques in three different scenarios:

1. Remote service. We investigate how Augmented Reality together with remote guidance ensures access to experts in organizations with dispersed operations.

2. Dynamic information in the control room. Through the use of Smart Sounds for individual and situational information for large operation centers, we would like to see how information can be made more efficient, effective, and useful. Dynamic information in the control room. We want to investigate how individual and situational information can increase efficiency in the control room. The information will mainly be communicated through informative sounds, so-called Smart Sounds.

3. Preparation and training prior to the reconfiguration of production. Virtual Reality can be used for training in a safe environment. We examine how this can be used for efficient preparation before a production shift.


Each study focuses on one particular workplace and how a particular technology can solve identified problems. The project aims to provide and disseminate comprehensive knowledge of how AR, VR and Smart Sounds can be used and combined in order to improve quality, safety, efficiency and work environment for the process industry and its suppliers. The project is led by RISE SICS Västerås in strong collaboration with RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) Piteå. Participating companies are Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner, Gyproc, ABB FACTS, ABB Corporate Research, Mälarenergi, XMReality, IFS, Ifa produktionsutveckling and Automation Region.

The pilot studies leading up to INCODE were CODE and LJUDIT.

INCODE is a project within the strategic innovation program PiiA.

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