ICE is a research project for developing techniques and methods for communicating climate related information through visualization. Climate research generates large amounts of data and there is currently a lack of tools for visualizing these. ICE tries to answer some of this demand by creating new and effective tools for climate science visualization.


This is a real time visualization application for large scale visualization clusters like the dome at Norrköping Visualization Center. The focus is on using massive multi-dimensional and time variate data as well as on integrating mixed media in a highly interactive, immersive, environment. 

This means you can show slides, videos, statistics, meteorological facts etc. all at the same time in order to effectively communicate your message.  


This tool lets researchers exchange and edit climate data through an easy-to-use web application. ICEWeb makes it easy to upload a dataset, visualize it and export to other formats than the original. This tool is currently used as courseware at Linköping University and is available online at (user access restricted, please contact for more info)