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ENTER Mölndal

ENTER Mölndal guides the visitor around a couple of key locations near Mölndalsbro, where they stop and explore 360 panoramas. Here, a number of windows are hidden, which take the visitor to stories from the past and present. Marika wrote the script and supervised most of the production, including the great video editing and voice acting. Meanwhile, i worked on the software side of things.

ENTER Mölndal is the result of the project Gestaltade platser, medskapande historia i närmiljön (Envisioned places, co-creation in local neighbourhoods) run by Mölndals stadsmuseum in collaboration with RISE Interactive andh Marika Hedemyr Projects. The project has been realized through generous support from The Torsten Söderberghs Foundation.

The project is a continued collaboration with Marika Hedemyr from the previours project Next to you at Korsvägen.

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