ProjectBlue Studio

Blue Studio

RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) was asked by Sliperiet, Umeå to completely re-design one of their meetings rooms, the “Blue Room”. The design team transformed the standard room into a surreal landscape and created a state-of-the-art facility for creative meetings through embodied co-design methods.

After setting the topic of the meeting in the form of a challenge, up to 6 participants find themselves in an immersive space with a mind of its own. Through interactive lighting, hidden drawers filled with a specially designed set of tools and a moving ceiling, the room guides participants through a body-storming process that is designed to make them move and engage with each other and the topic in a completely new way. This active way of engaging with an organisation’s challenges brings forward radically new perspectives, which are documented by participants themselves in a video that they take with them.

The team is currently hard at work to put the finishing touches to the room, and it will be launched and available for booking in the near future!

The room is being designed and built by the team at the Umeå Studio of RISE Interactive, with Sliperiet, in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The project is part of an on-going research collaboration between Sliperiet, RISE Interactive and the DQI Group at Eindhoven University of Technology into design for social transformation, developing methodologies, approaches and tools to empower citizens through embodied co-design.


In addition to the employees listed on the right column, under "people", other collaborators contributed to this project:

Toby Reid, Dominique Furst, Doroté Smit, Philémonne Jaasma, Thomas Latcham and Jêrome Cézac.