ProjectBetter sound feedback for rock-breaking

Key Areas
Better sound feedback for rock-breaking

Rock breaking in LKAB’s mine in Kiruna is done by heavy machinery driven by operators. Previously, operators were standing next to the machines when driving them – now, however, the machines are being controlled remotely. The advantages are several, but security, health – including hearing– issues are the main concerns.

When switching to remote controlled rock breakers, the sounds were lost. Also, it was immediately clear that the operators gathered vital information from the sounds. For instance, they knew when the tools needed changing, when the machines weren’t running smoothly and how to position the tool on the machine in order to more easily and efficiently break the rock.

Now, LKAB and Interactive Institute will collaborate to find solutions that provides the operators with the information they got from sounds but in a meaningful and more pleasurable way. One way of solving the problem is to filter the sounds sent from the mine to the control room.

Below, you can hear an example of the original rock breaking sound, and how it might sound after filtering.

about ljudit

The LJUDIT project started in June 2011 and runs for three years. The project is financed by the EU Structural Funds, the County Administration Board of Norrbotten, the Municipal of Piteå, the Municipal of Skellefteå and RISE.