Audio game design

ProjectAudio Games Design

Audio Games Design

Exploring the potential in audio games

This Audio Game Design project has resulted in various game prototypes. One of the earlier audio game projects is DigiWall, that is a hybrid between a climbing wall and a computer game. Another audio game, played on a much smaller device, is the iPhone audio game iSpooks.


Sound is reality and presence. Physical activity generates sound, sometimes intentional, sometimes as a bi-product and we learn to interpret the soundscape around us and actively use it to navigate reality. But sound does not tell us everything, it leaves room for imagination and invites us to interpret and create our own pictures.

Music is sometimes said to be the "language of emotion", indicating that it is another way to communicate than words. But how to describe a musical experience? Words might not be an adequate language.

At Sonic we actively use these features and explore how they can be put into play in new ways. By using games and game-like metaphor we investigate new ways to let people describe their experiences of sound and music. Through our constantly growing network, we are actively seeking contact with other research groups that share our questions and interests.