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ProjectActuated Textile Façades

Actuated Textile Façades

There is a growing interest in the use of very large displays on building facades. In a sense, Information Technology is becoming the new material for architectural ornamentation. While certainly useful for displaying commercials, the use of very large displays is almost like turning a building into a very large TV. Rather than thinking of the facade as a new display, we were interested in the building blocks of such interactive ornaments and exploring alternative materials and aesthetics as well as working with new textile architectural surfaces as a both functional and aesthetic layer.

While the final functionality of such retro-fitted textile facades might be to control lighting or indoor climate, our work began with questions such as what the basic element making up such a structure should be: how they could move, what patterns might be created, etc. Even if these effects may eventually have a functional basis (textiles changing shape to provide different shading or privacy, or perhaps modifying the acoustics of a space if fixed as a tapestry or on a ceiling) we are working right now on developing more abstract aesthetic principles.


Actuated Textile Facades is a collaboration between the Interactive Institute, Pablo Miranda and Asmund Gamlesæter (Aedas), and Jane Evans (RCA).