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The Dome in Visualization Center C

Visualization Center C is a public arena and a meeting place about visualization - the result of a close collaboration between RISE Interactive, the Municipality of Norrköping, Linköping University and Norrköping Science Park.

Visualization Center C is a quad helix research center in Norrköping, Sweden and constitutes a focal point for visualization research, education and development in northern Europe. The center hosts world leading research and development groups on for example information- and geovisualization, scientific visualization, and computer graphics.  The center hosts a large-scale arena filled with sensory experiences for public visits including interactive exhibitions, an immersive dome theatre, a virtual reality arena, digital cinemas theatres, media laboratories, conference rooms, a shop and a restaurant. The center closely collaborates with key industrial partners and constitutes a hub for knowledge dissemination and commercial collaborations.

RISE Interactive's research studio at Visualization Center C works with project based applied research, development and experimental production within the field of visualization and interaction design. With a practical and prototype driven approach, our studio works with projects in areas such as immersive display environments, stereoscopic 3D technology, interaction design, information and geovisualization, ambient visualization, exhibition design etc. Visit our studio here: RISE Interactive C studio

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Visiting address: Kungsgatan 56, Norrköping, Sweden