Unique audio experiences sound off in Berlin

27 June, 2014 - 10:01

We are used to exhibition centres and museums resounding with the sound of parents shushing their children. Well, something else is happening within the walls of the Felleshus, or Pan Nordic building, in Berlin this summer and autumn. There will be spine chilling screams and wild shouts as ‘the singing Instruments' of Umeå encourage everyone to raise the volume, as well as the interaction.

Swedish Composer Anders Lind has joined forces with the technical talents of the Swedish ICT Interactive studios to create a series of unique audio experiences.Part of ‘Voices of Umeå’, which is a long running series of works and events commissioned to celebrate the Swedish City of Umeå's role as culture capital of Europe this year, these installations do things with sound that are quite unique. There are bathroom taps, chests of drawers, bicycle wheel’s, painting pallets and what looks like an organ grinders nightmare crossed with a spice rack, and all these allow the visitor to generate and manipulate sound in ways new, surprising and refreshing. So, for once parents will be encouraging their kids to make as much sound as possible.
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Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/interactiveinstitute/sets/72157645393019485/