The Verge: Museum lets visitors 'digitally unwrap' an Egyptian mummy

21 March, 2014 - 14:01

The Verge has publilshed an article about our 3D digitization project together with Medelhavsmuseet. Read the article here: Museum lets visitors 'digitally unwrap' an Egyptian mummy

"The team behind the exhibit, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, has previously collaborated with other museums, using a CT scanner to unveil the secrets behind other ancient remains. However, the institute says the new exhibit is its most advanced yet. "CT scanning gives you information about the interior of the mummy but it doesn't give you any color or surface information," the research institute tells BBC News, "so we continued the process by doing laser scanning and photogrammetry and that process gave us information about the surface and textures and colors of the mummy and then we're taking all that data and putting it on the table and making it accessible for museum visitors."

Photo: Interactive Institute