Paper accepted for publication in TOCHI journal

23 May, 2013 - 14:46

Journal article accepted to be published in ACM TOCHI - Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction

The journal article Exploring sustainable practices in workplace settings through visualizing electricity consumption is written by Cecilia Katzeff, Loove Broms, Li Jönsson, Ulrika Westholm and Minna Räsänen.


People’s habits are often pointed out as responsible for a large proportion of problems caused by increasing levels of CO2 emissions. Whereas domestic energy consumption has received a lot of attention in studies on sustainable practices, there’s a lack of studies on workplace practices regarding electricity consumption. Nevertheless, these are pointed out as having a great potential for electricity conservation. The present paper presents results from two studies where two different types of prototypes for visualizing energy use are designed, implemented and studied in different types of workplace settings – factory and office. The purpose is to use design probes to explore how visual feedback on electricity use is interpreted and acted upon in these settings. The overall design approach is to treat the prototypes as mediators or agents of key ideas explored. The most striking insight is that change to more pro-environmental behavior and practices in a workplace environment encounter severe challenges.