Interactive Institute designs suite at the Ice Hotel

21 November, 2002 - 00:00

Researchers from Interactive Institute in Piteå are the designers of one of the suites at this year’s Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. Interactive sound and light guide the guests in their search for a frozen soulmate.

The sojourn is a journey in time and space where the guest interactively controls the shifting in light and sound. The physical world is motel room, a random stop that somebody made along the road on his way towards "the promised land". Inside these walls, thin as wafer, and where the furnishing smells of worn Art Deco, many travelling men have pondered upon his destiny.

The guest may be uninvited, peeking, listening in, or just someone who has got lost in the motel corridors. Who lives here? What is he looking for? Where is he going? Like a detective, the guest can start putting the pieces together - pieces of artefacts, clues of light and sound scattered about the room - and try to solve the mystery of whose restlessly wandering soul that has frozen in the walls of the suite.