Charged Utopia, interactive exhibition in Norrbyskär

12 August, 2016 - 21:35

In Norrbyskär 1895 the industrial magnate Frans Kempe created the workers society of his dreams. He placed an essential lumber factory on the island and conditioned the comfortable houses, the school and healthcare for the workers with their abstention from involvement in unions and drinking.

Charged Utopia points to the price that every utopian vision pays. On the 19th of August an interactive exhibition takes place on the road to Norrbyskär, on the island and in Norrbyskärs museum. The experience draws from the rich historical material from Norrbyskär and staging it in dialogue with current questions on immigration and the challenged utopia of the Swedish Folkhemmet.

The trip starts a few minutes before 15.00 at the ferry dock in Norrbyn, where you will be given a form to fill in, in order to start the procedure for being granted the citizenship of Utopia.
At 15.00, you will board on the ferry for Norrbyskär. 
Along the path to Norrbyskärs museum, we will listen, to the piece of work “Exil”, designed by RATS, Research in Artistic Technologies. Please take smartphones and earphones in order to be able to listen. Exil will take you to the world of poets Faraj Bayrakdar, Jila Mossaed and Nelly Sachs.

Along the way to the Museum, you will find posts, where you will be confronted with questions about the kind of citizen of Utopia you want to become.
You will arrive at the Museum around 16.00. In the Museum hall, you can take the time to explore the consequences of your answers and you will finally be granted the passport to Utopia.
At 17.00 a conversation, moderated by Reine Lööf will start, where we will share perspectives of what we all experienced.
Food and refreshments are avaialble for purchase at the Museum restaurant.

The last ferry leaves at 20.00, when you will say goodbye to Utopia.

Please save the date! More detailed info will come soon.

Charged Utopia is curated by Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, the Umeå School of Architecture (Umeå University), in collaboration with Norrbyskär Museum, Umeå Kommun, KFUM and RATS Research, Arts & Technology for Society (Stockholm University), with the participation of Hans Ola Stenlund and Reine Lööf.