RISE Interactive Umeå

The Umeå studio of RISE Interactive drives design research and innovation for Transformative Practices.

In a nutshell
We describe our work as  Humanistically Driven Applied Interaction Design Research, which means:

  • Design Research: we use design as a mode of enquiry, prototyping to generate new knowledge
  • Interaction: we work on the point where technologies and people meet
  • Applied: we work in the "real" world, with the public and directly with a variety of stakeholders 
  • Humanistically Driven: we work to the benefit of society at large, and ethics and aesthetics go hand in hand. The bottom line for us the ways in which we empower humanistic values through the designs that we create.

Design and Design Research for Transformative Practices
We take our partners and clients on a journey that will support them in formulating their most pressing questions and challenges, and tackle them through prototyping possible futures. Such prototyping can have many different forms: from interactive prototypes that propose new products and systems, to interactive installations that tweak the common understanding of how things are and suggest how they could be. 
With our partners, we navigate the complexity of their challenges and we prototype risk in an experimental  environment.

This studio works in the design space that goes from projects, to programs, to practices, and addresses how paradigms can be changed, through design.
We work on individual projects that tackle specific elements of a desired transformation; we connect the dots between these projects, to build programs that that provide new knowledge about systemic approaches on those transformations.
The values that we build on, start from strong ethical considerations and work with the aim of tackling big challenges and designing a better future for humans and other beings living on this planet.
Our work primarily impacts the Interaction Design (IxD), Design Research and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) communities. Our research focus is prototype-oriented. Our projects generate new knowledge through the iterative designing of new and experienceable artifacts or systems.

The Pink
Our studio is located in The Pink and is co-driven with the RISE Innovation office. The Pink is the new RISE design driven ecosystem for prototyping sustainable futures, where applied research for society is carried out. It is a platform for spearhead innovation and sustainable social transformation, located in the centre of Northern Scandinavia, Umeå. The Pink is an experiential window towards the future, where prototyping risk and navigating complexity are everyday practices. Making, creating and exploring are key to the activities here in The Pink: skills, knowledge and facilities for these practices are provided.
This ecosystem is part of RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and, as such, has relationships to both public and private sectors, with connections to cultural institutions, academia, NGOs, industry and SME’s in the region, nationally and internationally.

For more information, see www.thepink.se


Martina Bambi
martina.bambi [at] ri.se

Pernilla Glaser
Creative Research Force

pernilla.glaser [at] ri.se

Ronald Helgers
Interaction Designer
+46 72 889 82 50
ronald.helgers [at] ri.se

Olov Långström
Software developer
olov.langstrom [at] ri.se

Fredrik Nilbrink
Senior Software Developer
+46 70 6952065
fredrik.nilbrink [at] ri.se

Nigel Papworth
Senior Interaction Designer
+46 70 662 79 00
nigel.papworth [at] ri.se

Jeroen Peeters
Senior Design Researcher
+46 70 298 56 30
jeroen.peeters [at] ri.se

Ambra Trotto
Studio Director, Dr. Arch.
+46 72 527 90 91
ambra.trotto [at] ri.se

Rosa van der Veen
Design Researcher
rosa.v.d.veen [at] ri.se


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