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RISE Interactive Umeå

RISE Interactive Umeå is an interaction design research group focusing on:

  • experience design in extreme environments; we work with established industrial partners in shaping the future of the manufacturing spaces and interactions through creating experienceable and provocative prototypes.
  • designing democracy; we look at new ways for people to participate in the transformation of the lived environments and its dynamics.
  • poetic and playful interactions; we love to play with the unexpected and create installations and experiences that twist the common understanding of social practices, culture and learning.

Since 2009, we have carried out a number of large interaction design projects, particularly within the industrial application area together with collaborators such as ABB Corporate Research, SCA, ProcessIT Innovations, Umeå Kommun etc.

Our lab and office is located in Sliperiet, on the brand new Artistic Campus, RISE Interactive Umeå has strong ties to and help shape the lively and creative Interaction Design and Human-Computer Interaction research environment at Umeå University. We collaborate closely with several departments at Umeå University on joint projects, shared Ph.D. students, and we also host a number of student degree projects every year.

In terms of research, our work primarily intends to impact the Interaction Design (IxD), Design Research and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) communities. Our research focus is prototype-oriented, in that our projects do not only seek to contribute new knowledge but also typically involve designing and implementing new artifacts or services that can be experienced and used directly.

We are funded by Swedish ICT Research AB, Umeå University, The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), ABB Corporate Research, Vinnova, Process IT Innovations, and others.



Martina Bambi
martina.bambi [at]

Ronald Helgers
Interaction Designer
+46 72 889 82 50
ronald.helgers [at]

Olov Långström
Software developer
olov.langstrom [at]

Fredrik Nilbrink
Senior Software Developer
+46 70 6952065
fredrik.nilbrink [at]

Nigel Papworth
Senior Interaction Designer
+46 70 662 79 00
nigel.papworth [at]

Jeroen Peeters
Senior Design Researcher
+46 70 298 56 30
jeroen.peeters [at]

Ambra Trotto
Studio Director, Dr. Arch.
+46 72 527 90 91
ambra.trotto [at]

Rosa van der Veen
Junior Design Researcher
rosa.v.d.veen [at]

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