Despite the national efforts to introduce electronic meter reading (EMRs) is the understanding on how to provide feedback to customers missing. For example, knowledge on how we should design interactive displays to inform and influence user to use less is generally low.

In this project, we will employ theory within interaction design and psychology to influence customers to change their energy consumption patterns. In particular, we will develop user interfaces that can be used to provide feedback from the EMRs and influence user to be more effective when using energy.The result will be a set of empirically evaluated interfaces to visualize energy together with their qualities-in-use. Moreover, the project will result in a licentiate thesis, a docent, and website for user testing.

See our design result; BoEl


Associated people

Students doing internships in the Visuale projects where; Beverly Ng from Delft University and Elin Engquist from Mälardalens högskola