A morph of citizens in Gotheburgs people and buildings.


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Urbanum is an exhibition which was created by the city museum of Gothenburg in collboration with RISE Interactive. The exhibition portrays the history of the city but from the perspective of both people living who have lived there, from the founding of the city until recent time, and not just it's building. Furthermore it tries to be inclusive in who gets to tell the story of the city.

RISE Interactive provided general technical feedback to the exhibition's execution and also looked at aspects of its accesibility within the framework of its other collaboratite project witht the museum, FunkTek. Futhermore, RISE Interactive provided two installations for Urbanum, an interactive entrance painting and the Kaleidomorph. The latter installation uses cameras and anonymous face recognition to create a morp of details from several visitor faces and blend them with an archive of architectural features from the city of Gothenburg.

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