ProjectUrban Nature

Urban Nature

An increasing alienation from the nature appears in our society. Simultaneously, nine out of then Stockholm citizens want to spend more time in the nature. URBAN NATURE explores how we, through user-centered design of IT-services, may get a more pleasurable access to one of our most valuable assets; the Swedish nature.

The aim is to support people with tools that lowers the threshold to explore our nature, and increase the motivation for excursions through services that are based on concrete prerequisites in our everyday lives. URBAN NATURE is a collaboration between Interactive Institute in Norrköping, Doberman and, and is financed through Vinnova's "Var Dags IT" program. The project ended in 2010 and resulted in several concepts and prototypes.

One of the prototypes was "Utflykten" a web based service for inspiration and planning of nature based activities. ”Utflykten” was developed using user centered design process involving more than 800 families.

“Utflykten” has been further developed and is today, under the name “”, a commercially available web service.

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