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Underdogs & Superheroes

Underdogs & Superheroes uses a game-based methodology in order to involve people experientially, creatively and personally in the design process. The methodology involves a series of creatives activities - or games - in workshop or correspondence formats. We have found that games help in our design process by: representing reality without limiting expectations to what's possible here and now; engaging experiential and personal perspectives (the 'whole' person); and opening the creative process using playful, low/no-tech, and a widely-understood approach. Methods from Underdogs & Superheroes are applied to technological interventions for personal and community presence in local public spaces.

Underdogs & Superheroes is part of the Public Play Spaces research platform, and its methods feed into the other projects in the platform.

Project team

This was a project run by Margot Jacobs and Ramia Mazé between 2002 and 2005.

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