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Transparent Intelligence - Window prototype

RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) joins forces with Glafo, the Swedish Glass Research Institute and SP to explore new possibilities within transparent intelligent materials.

During the recent years we have seen a rapid development within material research making it possible to produce intelligent transparent materials. Its now possible to produce transparent solar cells, antennas, touch sensors, privacy filters and even displays. These new materials in combination with IT open up endless possibilities in designing and creating new innovative products for a large variety of application areas.

We at RISE Interactive belive that this is really exciting area and we have started a collaboration with Swedish Glass Research Institute and Technical Research Institute of Sweden to explore the possibilities with transparent intelligent materials. 

In alliance our first result is the creation of a prototype for the "Window of Opportunity" concept presented by Ericsson at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2013. In this project we transformed a regular window to an interactive surface that can be used to control your home/office automation system. By using simple gestures on the windowpane, the user can adjust the lighting, ventilation and even turn audio system.

This integrated demo serves as an eye-opener for a range of businesses such as building development, construction, home systems, energy, architecture, marketing and customer relations, service providers to mention some.

Are you interested in getting involved? Do not hesitate to contact us.


The prototype in the lab, controlling sound, ventilation and lighting. 

The prototype was presented as a part of the Window Of Opportunity concept presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2013.  

In media

Vetenskapens Värld - SVT (Science Show National Swedish Television) - March 4th 2013

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