ProjectTrainee project: Storybook in VR

Trainee project: Storybook in VR

In this trainee project, we support the exploration of VR interaction with a storybook

The aim is to investigate interaction between the user and an object, in this case a book in VR. Ellinor (trainee at C-studio) will explore and test a variety of solutions that allows the user to enter the storybook and from these tests conclude what would be the most suitable approach. This storybook is included in a larger game development project Ellinor is involved in, a game in the adventure/puzzel solving area. 

The goal is to experiemnt as much as possible, and prototype, during her time at the C-studio. Skethcing will be alternated with technical discussions and implementation, also with  feedback from the C-studio team. The result will contribute to see how object interaction could be implemented and also; further understand what are the feasible interaction models for the VR environment.