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ProjectTouching the Invisible

Touching the Invisible

Touching the Invisible is an art exhibition featuring six pieces from the Interactive Institute. The exhibition was on an international tour 2004-2006, with stops in Budapest, Moscow, London, Oslo, Stockholm and finally Montreal.

Touching the Invisible characterizes the work performed at the Interactive Institute's Smart Studio and reflects how we work with the invisible flow of information. As it is channelled and directed into specific lines of investigation, the bits and waves transform through an eclectic mix of ideas into compound forms that become both visible and tangible. Our aim is always to bring the invisible out into the real space we inhabit, to invite the visitor for interaction, and overturn the outcome. The exhibition is built around six individual pieces representing different aspects and interpretations of the theme, that in different ways challenge our preconceived notions on flux and immobility, on thought and matter, on time and space.

The six individual pieces in the exhibition are Brainball, Brainbar, Delay Mirror, Hellhunt, Monochromeye and RemoteHome.

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