ProjectTouch of Kandinsky

Touch of Kandinsky

Interactive discovery using Kandinsky’s motifs

Touch of Kandinsky is a museum installation in the form of an interactive carpet, which aims to increase the understanding of abstract art, primarily for small children visiting art museums or galleries. It is inspired by the artist Wassily Kandinsky's writings on the concept of synaesthesia and is based on his painting “group” from 1937.

Touch of Kandinsky is an experiment in communication, exploring the personal dimensions of the artist's theory through interactive discovery. The carpet is designed with different motifs, each sensitive to pressure. When the user touches, walks, presses or rolls over the carpet, the interactive field of motifs activates various sounds. Depending on the amount and duration of pressure, the sound twirls and changes subtly. The sounds were specifically composed for the installation and are inspired by Kandinsky´s work. The multimodal interface supports individual modes of interaction and gives the users the opportunity to interact with the installation in playful ways.


A touch of Kandinsky has been shown at several events:

- Bo 01 in Malmö

- 2001 Konstmuseet i Umeå

- 2002 Tekniska Museet

- 2002 Liljevalchs konstmuseum

- 2004 Uppsala Konstmuseum

- 2006 Interactive Salon

- 2006/07 Planetarium ALFA in Monterrey, Mexico –

- 2007Touch of Kandinsky is produced and marketed by Evoking Spaces, more info at: