ProjectThe Nordic Knowledge Triangle

The Nordic Knowledge Triangle

The concept of Knowledge Triangle captures the interplay between education – research – and innovation. During 2012–2014, The Nordic Council of Ministers will concentrate its efforts on establishing a network of Nordic universities and colleges that will contribute to stimulating the collaborations between academia and society, as well as to increasing knowledge exchange in relation to commercialization and innovation.


The network aims to support and initiate the establishment of knowledge triangles with respect to research, education and innovation through bringing together Nordic participants from industry, academia and the public sector. The NORDTEK Knowledge Triangle project is divided into two subprojects:

- Knowledge Triangle in Welfare Technology,
- Knowledge Triangle in Design.

Welfare Technology:

the NORDTEK network of welfare and assistive technologies is built on the concepts of the triangle of knowledge, which focus on education, research and innovation, and the interplay between them.


Aesthetics, sustainability and user centred design are important aspects in this work. An important objective of the network is to create conditions for the initiation of future research exchanges and innovation projects, connecting a variety of actors and stimulating mobility.


METIS is a Nordic network project that focuses on strengthening the interdisciplinary and trans-sectorial co-operation among universities in the fields of Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences. The activities promoted by the network are guided by three main objectives.

Firstly, METIS aims at creating a sustainable framework for knowledge sharing in order to improve regional processes and organizations, and thus increase the flow of innovative ideas, validate their commercial potential and connect with stakeholders and customers. Secondly, the network will identify and illuminate barriers that hamper cross-sectorial cooperation. Thirdly, METIS will develop new concepts for interdisciplinary and trans-sectorial collaboration in order to promote the commercialization of research-driven innovations in the fields of forestry, veterinary practices and agriculture.

The overarching goal of METIS is to stimulate Nordic growth and development, by strengthening cross-sectorial and cross-disciplinary collaborations, by promoting the implementation of research advances in the relevant sectors, and by making business opportunities visible. In the long term, METIS will also continue to build on and develop, both qualitatively and geographically, the established network.

  • NeRo

Nero consists of NIW (Nordic Innovation Network for Welfare Technology) and NORDROAD.


The main purpose is to establish a Nordic online platform and structure for collaboration, coordination and knowledge sharing. The network will connect the various Nordic research and innovation environments with the municipalities and institutions actually working with the welfare technology and the companies developing welfare technology.


The main purpose is to work towards a Nordic roadmap for welfare technology that, in turn, will contribute to Improve reflections on the design and use of welfare technologies within the health domain. The network will give an overview of current best practices and future next practices and will thus be able to point out possible Nordic directions for welfare technology within the health domain.