ProjectThe Emperor's Temple

The Emperor's Temple

The emperor's temple was a live action role-playing game (LARP) with around 350 players participating and 120 structures erected for the event. Special equipment and services were built and facilitated using hidden technology facilitating pervasive gameplay beyond acting without breaking the game world's immersion. Kejsartemplet was involved in the development and evaluation of the EU-FP6 project IPerG.

The association Dimbros Fäste's vision was to create a small, fantastic medieval city, a city that will be filled with trade and commerce, operational management and administration, cultural life and a living society for five days. All participants had meaningful employment in their roles with rewarding and concrete tasks. Participants were involved in conflicts and intrigues, which were solved during the LARP. The aim was to develop, together with the participants, their characters, the city's structure and the implementation of the arrangement. An important part goal was to create culture within the fictional world in the form of art, literature, song, poetry and theater together with the participants. An important aspiration was to provide as genuine, intriguing and intense experiences as possible.

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