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In many respects learning has been overtaken by the fundamental changes introduced by the information society and many Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) innovations have yet to make their way into the classroom despite the fact that society is demanding change in what and how we learn.  This is the problem that the TELL US project seeks to mitigate by challenging learning providers in the form of an EU contest where new innovative TEL services will be shown across Europe to: education professionals, purchasers, students, and the general public.

TELL US will demonstrate the range and quality of TEL products in order to enhance take up and encourage learning and education through these mechanisms.   The TELL US project will:

  • create regional contests using our network of  EU countries/regions,
  • bring regional winners together to compete for a Europe-wide prize in a Grand Final,
  • use our extensive networks of stakeholders (procurers, end users, learners and educators) to judge the contests,
  • promote and valorise the contest to all stakeholders and lay the foundations for sustainability.

The TELL US consortium is uniquely placed to deliver this through its broad European reach and through the consortium members’ close working ties with TEL stakeholders.  Each partner is already engaged in activities with TEL solution developers, providers, educators, procurers and learners.  The key impacts of TELL US will be to create demand through the valorisation of the use of TEL in education to suppliers, purchasers, consumers and educators throughout Europe leading to:

  • A greater consumer demand,
  • A greater awareness and openness of educators to the possibilities of TEL ideas,
  • A greater understanding of the products and solutions available to purchasers,
  • A larger scale of market for TEL products creating growth efficiency which in turn will lead to a larger, more efficient market for TEL solutions within Europe and establishing Europe as a leading region on a global market.

Interactive Institute Swedish ICT assists the TELL US project through providing an expert in the field of Technology Assisted Learning.

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