Smart Textiles

2008-2010, the Interactive Institute's Design Research Unit was part of the Smart Textiles initiative led by the Swedish School of Textiles at the University College of Borås. Interactive Institute's participation in the centre was discontinued end of 2010, but both the Smart Textiles initiative in Borås and a series of experimental projects here at the Interactive Institute continue. The Interactive Institute's work in Smart Textiles builds on our previous research in IT+Textiles.

"The goal and mission of Smart Textiles is to stimulate fundamental renewal and high technology in the textile industry in order to create first-class foundations for economic development in the region.

We do this by, as a platform stimulating quality development, research, product development, competence development, and professional state-of-the-art skills. Smart Textiles is a regionally prioritised area of research, which gathers researchers and technicians in textile and fashion design, electronics, fibre technology, interaction design, tricot and weaving technology, and colouring and finishing technology. Companies are offered to benefit from the platform as a network for further product development and support when venturing to develop new smart textile products."


Smart Textiles at the interactive institute included

Temporal Textiles, by Jenny Bergström and Johan Redström

Actuated Textile Façades, in collaboration with Pablo Miranda and Asmund Gamlesæter (Aedas), and Jane Evans (Royal College of Art, London).

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