Some of the world's leading digital diplomats gathered in Stockholm on 16-17 January 2014 for the Stockholm Initiative on Digital Diplomacy (#sidd) meeting. Interactive Institute Swedish ICT lead a 24-hour diplohack organized by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, where representatives from a dozen countries worked together to produce new methods for the digital diplomacy of the future.

During 24 hours, the diplomats worked together with international experts on communication and technology in a so-called 'diplohack' led by Carl Heath, researcher at the Interactive Institute. The format combined different kinds of expertise to produce joint solutions to current diplomatic challenges. Participants include digital strategists from the US, UK and French foreign ministries, Bambuser founder Måns Adler, Italian diplomat and author of Twitter for Diplomats Andreas Sandre, and author of the Twiplomacy studies Matthias Lüfkens.

The starting point for the meeting was the objective outlined in the Statement of Foreign Policy that Sweden must be at the absolute cutting edge in digital diplomacy efforts.

In connection with the meeting, a special TEDxStockholmSalon on the new diplomacy was held, at which Carl Bildt made his TEDx debut.

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