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Sectra Visualization Table

Based on the successful project Virtual Autopsy Table, the Interactive Institute's C-Studio has in collaboration with its partners Norrköping Visualization Center and Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) initiated an collaboration with technology company Sectra AB to develop a product targeted to the clinical market, the product is called Sectra Visualization Table and is today available from Sectra.

Bridging the gap between Research and Industry

Within the product development, the Interactive Institute's C-Studio has contributed with experience, expertise and Know-How within multi-touch interaction technology, collaborative user interfaces, design, hardware research and advanced visualization in order to develop the next generation of medical visualization tools. This case is a good example how Interactive Institute can act as an interface between Academia and Industry in order to get innovations quickly to the market.

About Sectra Visualization Table

Sectra Visualization Table allows physicians to examine virtual representations of real bodies in minute detail. 3D images, rendered from data provided by CT or MR scans, help physicians to quickly form a medical opinion.By simply touching the screen, interaction is familiar from smart-phone technologies, the users interact with the 3D volumes. Layers of skin and muscle can be removed, the user can zoom in and out, rotate, and cut through sections with a virtual knife with just the swipe of a finger.

Sectra Visualization Table is an excellent tool for collaboration and interaction and facilitates pre-operative planning, or planning of a care strategy in trauma cases. It supports discussions and sharing of expert opinions through the unique format and the touch interface that make it easy to hand over command.

About Sectra

Sectra develops and sells IT-systems and products for radiology, mammography and orthopaedic departments. More than 1,100 hospitals worldwide use the system daily, together performing over 52 million radiology examinations annually. This makes Sectra one of the world leading companies within systems for handling digital radiology images (PACS).

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