Competence Areas at RISE ICT

Hybrid and electric operation of trucks can lead to positive effects on the economy and the environment. The development may also contribute to a quieter driveline, which opens up opportunities for more comfortable driver and traffic environments.

While electric power creates new opportunities it also creates new design challenges. In April 2014, the EU-Parliament decided that by 2019, new types of hybrid and electric vehicles must be equipped with a system that generates an external warning sound. How can vehicles meet the requirements formulated, while the sound also amplifies a trademark?

As for the internal sound in the cabin, electric power contributes to a more ergonomical sound environment. How can the sound environment in the cabin be pleasant, while it "sounds Scania" and gives the driver good feedback during the run?

Internal and external sound for future electric Scania trucks are designed in the project. In both cases, target sounds are designed, serving as targets for future construction. A visual interface concept is also developed, which puts the sound in a multimodal context.