ProjectStockholm Royal Seaport Urban Smart Grid

Stockholm Royal Seaport Urban Smart Grid

The research project Royal Seaport Urban Smart Grid: Active House will address the question of making the increasing amount of domestic electricity consumption part of the solution for balancing power. 

The Active House is one component under a research program Urban Smart Grid with the Stockholm Royal Seaport urban district as test area.

Research project Active House objective is to enable extensive use of renewable electricity generation by adapting the Active House net load to the grid to times when renewable electricity is available (Power Balancing Capacity). The research project will further address high energy efficiency by increased consumer awareness and technical support for an energy efficient life style.


Fortum, ABB, Bygg Vesta, Electrolux, Ericsson, HSB, Interactive Institute, JM, KTH, NCC, Stockholm Hamn & Stockholm Stad.

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