ProjectResearch study of the interactive energy visualisation tool Urban Energy

Research study of the interactive energy visualisation tool Urban Energy


Visualization of energy usage has been shown to contribute to more energy efficient behaviours. At the same time interactive displays are increasingly beginning to move out in public environments.

An interactive energy visualization tools are thus expected to contribute to increased knowledge and awareness, which ultimately has the potential to contribute to more efficient energy behaviours. Interactive Institute, Swedish ICT has in a previous project, together with the Innerstaden Göteborg, IMCG, Clear Channel and Göteborg Energi, developed such a tool (here mentioned as Urban Energy). The tool has been situated at Korsgatan in Gothenburg, with the aim of increasing awareness and knowledge among the general public.

The aim of the current research study is thus to study the use of the tool, with the goal of obtaining knowledge about the specific tool and how it is received by the user, as well as more generally how future public energy visualization tools and services can be designed to enable users of the tool is to increase its energy awareness and become motivated to use energy more efficiently - and ultimately to also change the actual energy consumption in the urban community. The project is financed by Energimyndigheten.