ProjectREHAB 360

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In the health and medical care, new services are developed based on a holistic view of the patient's situation and living conditions to understand how care and rehabilitation can best be achieved. Services must be designed and developed to match the patients' need for support at an early stage in order to become resource effective. The Knowledge Centre for Equaluality in Healthcare at Västra Götalandsregionen wants to work with patient participation to improve the care and rehabilitation of mental illness, with an aim to increased opportunities for the patient to return to work. In the project innovative solutions will be developed through participatory innovation processes where different actors and professionals try to solve problems in new ways, in collaboration with patients.

The project aims to develop tools, methods and services that engages patients in such a way that their experiences and viewpoints are utilized in a systematic way to improve care and rehabilitation for mental health, with an aim to strengthen people's ability to return to work.

RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) will facilitate the design and innovation process in this project.