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Reflective Surface

Reflective Surface is a platform for raising awareness of the background of food, which can be used in stores, public settings and private environments. The aim is to visualize all data that is generated through out the life-cycles of food. The content of the project is based on large supply chain systems, where information about the products’ origins, production methods and means of transportation are registered. This is data that could guide us to a more sustainable mode of consumption, but is currently both difficult to access and complex to analyze for a consumer. Reflective Surface visualizes complex data from life cycles in a simple and intuitive manner, and has a graphical language that helps the consumer to see what products that have a large climate impact.

This interactive exhibit has been at display at:

  • Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden - 2010
  • Visualisation Centre C, Norrköping, Sweden - Current in exhibition
  • Innovatum Science Centre, Trollhättan, Sweden - Current in exhibition 

Reflective Surface is a part of Reclaim Your Data, a project that aims to increase consumer power through the use of new technology.

RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) and Norrköping Visualization Center.

C-Site, Norrköpings Utvecklingsstiftelse and “Energi - Hur mycket drar en stockholmare”?

Project management:
Eric Gullberg

Software development:
Andreas Niklasson, Martin Olsson

Claes Ericson, Arlene Birt

Data is developed by Swedish Defence Research through the use of Energy Analysis Program (which is a simplified Life Cycle Assessment method)

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