Power Explorer

Save a monster blob in your phone and become the king of the castle using the electric appliances in your home. In the mobile phone game Power Explorer, the habitat of your own “monster blob” is connected in real time to your home’s own electricity usage. This means that practically everything you do in your home will create an echo in the game world. By testing this game prototype on teenagers we found out that the attitudes towards energy saving increased and the energy consumption during and after the game period decreased in the player’s household.

In this project we have been cooperating with Smedjebackens Energi, Handelshögskolan, Svenska Energigruppen and Mobile Interaction. The project is funded by Energimyndigheten and our partners.

See our design result; Power Explorer

Associated people

Interactive Institute research team:

  • Jonas Andersson
  • Frida Birkelöf
  • Magnus Bång
  • Anton Gustafsson
  • Carin Torstensson (Project Leader)


  • Mattias Svahn (PhD Student Handelshögskolan i Stockholm)

Associated people from external organizations:

  • Fredrik Wallin, Phd at Mälardalens Högskola and owner of Svenska Energigruppen
  • Eric Stackenland at Mobile Interaction