Competence Areas at RISE ICT

Pedagogical interactive mathematics visualization project (abbreviated to Pim-vis) aims to explore how interactive visualizations might improve math education in Swedish schools. 

Our focus is on grades 7-9 and on the areas in math that have been identified as particularly challenging to teach: algebra, decimal forms, general understanding and negative numbers. Throughout the year we will be engaging different stakeholders in a number of activities to get a good understanding of the current educational environment, the use and challenges of tech in the classroom, and how this influences the educational experience. Core activities also include using this knowledge in generating suggestions for the future - visions- for how interactive visualisations could improve math education. The purpose of these visions is to provoke meaningful discussions around the digitalization of math education and are aimed to engage policy makers and other stakeholders that will influence the framework for the use of digital tools in schools. 


The project has its own website where we gather material in the project, document the project journey and post the visions in the project

This project is financed by Vinnova, through the call ”Digitalisering för framtidens skola” ( 

Our project partner is Lärande i Sverige AB (

If you are doing research or have projects relating to pedagogics or visualization in mathematics education, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Pim-vis started in november 2015 and will finalise in december 2016.


The team

Arianit Kurti - Project manager

Brendon Clark - Design ethnography

Madeleine Kusoffsky - Project manager, interactiondesigner

Joyce Chow - Interaction designer

Emma Melander - Master student

Mariano Velamazan - Master student