[ordlekar] is a project based on artistic practice and research. The idea is to reflect in action on a series of collaborative projects based on storytelling, social interactions, gift-actions and active participation from a sociological, political science and artistic perspective (but does not exclude any other perspective).

[ordlekar] is a Swedish word meaning “Playing with words” or “pun”. The foundation for [ordlekar] is the practice of relational/dialogical aesthetics in three basic project that aim at expanding further with your participation:

  • [visklek] is a Chinese Whispers on answering machines. It is a process that went on for a couple of months and was exhibited at Växjö Art Gallery in 2004.
  • [ljudstråk] is a library of six audio walks that consist of stories told by young people in the town of Ljungby. It’s done with Sagomuseet, the Museum of Legends, in Ljungby and opened in 2005.
  • [glasrörd] is a project where we explored rituals around gift giving and stories connected to objects. It was exhibited at Smålands museum, the Swedish Glass museum in the autumn of 2005.

During the course of the project, the public was also invited to participate within the context of the stiching together project.

[ordlekar] was funded by Vetenskapsrådet.

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