ProjectOpen Energy Playground

Open Energy Playground

Open Energy Playground focuses on how we can simplify the process of creating innovative energy visualization services. The project will seek to understand the needs around such tools as well as how we can increase the availability of existing tools around energy visualization for a wider audience. The main goal is an energy visualization platform with an active, multi-disciplinary and cross-organization user community that can create new innovative services in the energy visualization area.

To create energy visualization services today, broad knowledge about technology is required, ranging from hardware development to web applications and graphical design. Most of the small start-up companies have not the ability to cover all these competences without compromising with the design. The great amount of knowledge requested to develop these types of services is the reason that few companies are established within the area of energy visualization.

The project aims to gather results and experiences from earlier projects such as Active house in the sustainable city, SP and the internal project OpenSens with several existing open source solutions. These are then used as a starting-point in the development of an open technology and knowledge platform focusing on energy visualization, which will continue after the project as an open source project.

A number of different test environments such as apartments, offices and houses will be offered in this project to facilitate the development of energy applications where energy usage and other sensor values are to be logged continuously. The purpose is to offer developers access to historical data as well as mapping out the specific problems and opportunities with every environment. Check out the website for latest progress.

The project is funded by Energimyndigheten, Yanzi systems and SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut, among others.