ProjectOnSite - Visualization of environmental information in public spaces

OnSite - Visualization of environmental information in public spaces

The project is funded by Vinnova's programme for challenge-driven innovation launched in 2011 and a motivation is to focus on innovations encouraging new practices and behaviour in urban districts. Large amounts of money are invested in new technologies for supporting the development of new sustainable urban districts.

The environmentally profiled urban district, Stockholm Royal Seaport (SRS), aims to decrease CO2 to less than 1.5 tonnes per person. This is less than half of current levels in Stockholm. To achieve this goal new efficient technology won’t be enough. There’s also a need for behavioural change. The purpose of the idea described here is to combine innovative design with accessibility of continuously updated environmental information.  The solution will be an architectonic construction visualizing this information. The construction will eventually be possible to export both nationally and globally. However, in an initial phase it will be implemented in SRS. Through involving potential user groups in the early stages of the concept development, we intend to increase their emotional engagement into the environmental profile of their own district.

project partners

Interactive Institute is bringing competence within design and the visualization of energy; KTH, contributing through the development of a database platform containing environmental statistics feeding into the visualization of the information; Viktoria Institute, bringing competence of visualizing travel- and transport information; The City of Stockholm providing links to SRS and user groups. Other participants are constructor companies, technical developers and architects. Potential user groups will be involved from start.

Associated people

Interactive Institute research team:

  • Loove Broms (Interaction designer)
  • Fredrik Forsman (Designer)
  • Cecilia Katzeff (Project Leader)
  • Carin Torstensson
  • Stina Wessman (Experience designer)