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Nord Inc

From June 2017 Rise Interactive Umeå will join the Nord InC project as a full partner.


Nord InC is a center of excellence in physical activity that brings together contributors from academia, associations, industry and the public sector in the quark region. One of our goals is to develop the field of physical activity for health. 


With grants from the European Regional Development Fund- Botnia Atlantica, Region Västerbotten and Region Österbotten, the center leads the development and production of new products and services such as mobile apps, web-based services and new treatment methods in the field of public health, as well as hardware and sensors in clothes and gear. 


We want to put physical activity and health on the map by stimulating innovation and development. The center will be focusing on research, innovation and competence development within the area.


Join us in our vision to reverse the inactivity of the ageing population and make positive changes in the region through increased technological innovation, creating business opportunities and promoting public health.