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Neuro Games Platform

Within a multitude of areas the possibility of tapping into data from the human brain in sought after, from medicine to psychology, education and entertainment. The development over recent years in brain computer interfaces (BCI) creates a of a market for consumer grade devices that for a reasonable price holds the possibility of making this develop. A new market is growing within the field of neuro games, that has the potential to deliver new forms of tools and applications within medicine, psychology and education. In order to enable innovation within this area, and especially towards health services, a trans diciplinary team and effort is at the core.

The project Neurogame Platform aims at creating a consortium of key competences, initially from game studies, interaction design, neuroscience, psychology and educational sciences. Through the joint venture of this trans diciplinary team, possibilities emerge to explore and assess the available technologies within BCI and develop functional prototypes of neuro games to be used within future healthcare and services, in order to market and deploy successful products on an international market.

Project partners

University of Göteborg, Psykologpartners