ProjectMy home in 10 years

My home in 10 years

During a series of intense meetings this spring, 12 girls between the ages of 16-19 from the upper-secondary school in Eskilstuna, have developed ideas and concepts for future homes. The starting point has been themselves and what factors (e.g. security, safety, relations with family and friends) they believe will be important and relevant regarding living conditions in 10 years' time. A sofa that can change colour and store energy from the sun, a self warming blanket for homeless people and a hovering bed, are just a few examples. The project resulted in a well-visited exhibition at Eskilstuna new museum of arts.

In collaboration with KomTek, Rekarne Gymnasiet, St:Eskils Gymnasium and ISABEL (an equality project based in Eskilstuna) the Interactive Institute is running the project "Mitt hem om 10 år” (My home in 10 years). The project aims to increase young girls' interest in technology, and strengthen them in the development and use of technology. We want to explore new angles of approach - with design as a starting point.

Some interesting female ideals have given support and inspiration during the creative process and the project has led to many interesting meetings: space designer Cecilia Hertz, Umbilical design, industrial designer Anna Holmström, Folkform and stand-up comedian Zinat Al Sadat Pirzadeh among others. The girls have also been to the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Students from Mälardalens University will give form to the concepts and the results will be on show at an exhibition in Eskilstuna's new museum of art in December '06.

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