ProjectMusical Cubes

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Musical Cubes

Musical Cubes is an interactive sound installation for public spaces. 



Our installation works like a collaborative step sequencer as it consists of eight interactive translucent cubes (2x4 matrix) hanging from the ceiling at a certain height. Users are able to interact by standing underneath a cube and by their presence in that space initiate a sound and effect the shine of colored light when the sequencer passes the cube. Users can record new sounds into the cubes by tapping on them. Additionally it's possible to copy sounds between two cubes by simply bringing them together.

These different functions reflect our underlying intention. As the handling of the Musical Cubes is somewhat restricted if used alone, it becomes clear that our installation is intended for bringing people together in a collaborative interaction. By standing under the cubes, recording sounds and perhaps alter ones distance to the cubes, the users can create a beat or melody together.


The project was run by Gunnar Oledal & Michael Schade